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Playoff Odds Updated 09-25 more info
Player Forecast Manager Updated 09-25 more info
Scoresheet Draft Aid Updated 09-25 more info
Depth Charts Updated 09-25 more info
PECOTA Player Cards Updated 09-25 more info
PECOTA Weighted Means Spreadsheet Updated 04-03 more info
Adjusted Standings Updated 09-25 more info
Sortable Statistics Reports Updated 09-25 more info
PECOTA ROS Percentiles Updated 09-25 more info
Team Tracker Current Stats Updated 09-25 more info

Baseball Prospectus Premium and Fantasy subscribers have access to the following features *:

Resident Fantasy Genius

Baseball Prospectus staffer Derek Carty takes a twice-weekly spin through the world of fantasy baseball, exclusively for Premium and Fantasy subscribers.

PECOTA Player Cards

Access to the newly redesigned 2012 PECOTA Player Cards, with in-depth exclusive projections and statistics on nearly 6000 major- and minor-league players. You will not find this depth of information anywhere else!

PECOTA Weighted Means Spreadsheet

Access to the 2012 PECOTA Weighted Mean Projections spreadsheet. PECOTA is CaSe sEnSitIve. Just use your CaSe sEnSitIve BP Premium (non-recurring) or Fantasy username and password to download.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have signed up for your account within the past 20 minutes, your username and password may not work. The passwords file for these spreadsheets is uploaded at least once every 20 minutes, so please wait for the refresh to occur, and the download should work at that point. Thanks for your patience!

Player Forecast Manager

Now loaded with playing time adjusted PECOTA forecasts!

Our 2012 expected playing-time tailored BP Player Forecast Manager (PFM) gives you dollar values for your auction draft or straight draft league or points values for your points leagues. This year's PFM is a full featured web application here on our site.

There are two full articles describing the PFM for users new to the tool here and here. Please consult these first if you have questions.

Check out all the new features for this year's Player Forecast Manager now!

Team Tracker

Team Tracker allows users to define rosters for up to 25 teams and get convenient, up-to-date reports on their 2012 performance and trends.

Depth Charts

Our team by team depth charts have careful estimations of playing time based on our objective estimates and accounting for as many subjective factors as possible.

* Baseball Prospectus Premium monthly subscribers do not have access to the Weighted Means Projections spreadsheet and Player Forecast Manager

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