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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through May 25, 2015
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1.MLBJason Marquis2015368869141.741.
2.MLBDavid Ross20153810111.
3.MLBBartolo Colon2015429977755.755.
4.MLBJoe Nathan2015401040.
5.MLBA.j. Burnett2015389985659.
6.MLBJake Peavy201534221587.
7.MLBOliver Perez20153321020410.
8.MLBJoe Beimel20153880856.
9.MLBRyan Vogelsong2015379774645.
10.MLBBruce Chen201538221236.
11.MLBJohn Lackey2015369981156.756.
12.MLBAaron Harang201537101098465.365.
13.MLBTim Hudson2015399981755.355.
14.MLBCc Sabathia2015349983654.354.
15.MLBJoaquin Benoit20153719030118.
16.MLBColby Lewis2015359987956.756.
17.MLBJeremy Affeldt20153620021512.
18.MLBFernando Rodney20153818030417.
19.MLBLatroy Hawkins201542701106.
20.MLBKyle Lohse2015369988453.753.
21.MLBMark Buehrle2015369981054.354.
22.MLBRandy Choate2015392101249.
23.MLBR.a. Dickey2015409991059.
24.MLBJavier Lopez20153722015511.
25.MLBJerome Williams2015339976448.
26.MLBChris Capuano201536221487.
27.MLBGrant Balfour20153760894.
28.MLBBuddy Carlyle2015371101198.
29.MLBJason Grilli20153816028115.
30.MLBFrancisco Rodriguez20153315020615.
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