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Best of Baseball Prospectus: 1996-2011, Vol. 2


Featuring the Best of Over 15,000 Carefully Tended Features and Articles

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For 15 years, baseballprospectus.com has brought you the very best independent baseball analysis has to offer. Since 2003, Baseball Prospectus has published dozens of exclusive articles every month for subscribers to its groundbreaking Baseball Prospectus Premium service. Now, we're taking the next step by bringing the BP archives to your bookshelf. With extensive input from the founders and long-time staffers who know a thing or two about BP's past, we've selected 152 of the best articles BP has to offer, representing a comprehensive cross-section of the ground-breaking insight, astute analysis, and witty commentary that you've come to expect from us over the last 15 years. Volume 2 features exclusive material including:

  • Part 5: Sabermetrics, where Colin Wyers explains how sabermetrics is and isn't like “real” science and why if you want to bring another baseball nerd into the world, you should buy your kid a breadboard

  • Part 6 : Prospecting, where Jason Parks relates the story of his scouting journey from message boards to back fields to Baseball Prospectus and beyond

  • Part 7 : Postseason, where Tommy Bennett pinpoints what Cody Ross' brief burst of playoff heroics can tell us about the nature of postseason play

  • Part 8 : Business, where Jeff Euston explains that our national pastime is much more than just a game

  • Part 9 : Extra Innings, where Ken Funck spins a yarn about the mysterious agents who protect us from the creeping menace of mother's basement dwellers to kick off a miscellaneous section with selections from BP's lighter side

  • Plus an original article by Gary Huckabay—his first new work for BP in over two years—who explains whether you'd really be better off working in baseball and what front-office jobs are actually like

Volume 2 includes dozens of reviewed, refreshed, redesigned articles from authors including:

  • BP co-founders Rany Jazayerli, Joe Sheehan, Gary Huckabay, and Christina Kahrl

  • defectors to major-league front offices Russell A. Carleton, James Click, Shawn Hoffman, and Keith Woolner

  • popular alumni like Will Carroll, Dayn Perry, Jonah Keri, David Laurila, and Nate Silver

  • and current columnists like Kevin Goldstein, Mike Fast, Jay Jaffe, Jason Parks, and Colin Wyers

But wait, there's more! Volume 2 also includes:

  • a foreword by long-time Internet baseball writer Rob Neyer

  • biographies and headshots of all your favorite contributors

  • Best of Baseball Prospectus editor Ben Lindbergh's preface, in which he explains how BP is—and more importantly, isn't—like the rock band Breaking Benjamin


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