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August 2017 NOTICE - Annual Subscription Prices are increasing! Through the end of the baseball season, the following coupon codes will allow subscriptions at the old pricing:

  • OLDPRICE - Annual Premium Subscription for $39.95.
  • SUPERPRICE - Annual Super Premium Subscription for $54.99.
Additionally, through the end of the season, you can purchase a 2-year subscription for just $79.90!

  Super Premium
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12 months)

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Daily exclusive Premium content, including:
 Minor League Update
 What You Need To Know
And hundreds of exclusive articles each season
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Fantasy articles Yes. Yes. Yes.  
Basic articles Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Standard Stat Reports Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Custom Sortable Stats Yes. Yes. Yes.  
PECOTA Player Cards Yes. Yes. Yes.  
PECOTA Spreadsheet Yes. Yes.    
Player Forecast Manager Yes. Yes.    
Scoresheet Draft Aid Yes. Yes. Yes.  
Team Tracker Yes. Yes. Yes.  
Depth Charts Yes. Yes. Yes.  
Comment Post Privileges Yes. Yes. Yes.  
Daily Newsletter Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Live Chats Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
All BP Podcasts Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Contest Entry Eligibility Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Access to the HACKING MASS contest with daily updates Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Bat Signal! Personalized Fantasy Advice Yes.      
Free e-book copy of the latest Futures Guide Yes.      
Free PDF copy Best of Baseball Prospectus, vol 1 Yes.      
Free PDF copy Best of Baseball Prospectus, vol 2 Yes.      
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Baseball Prospectus Super Premium

The Best Baseball Analysis Anywhere - And More!
Only $66.99 per year

Super Premium subscribers will receive all the great content Baseball Prospectus Premium subscribers receive as well as
  • The Baseball Prospectus Futures Guide e-book, a compilation of all the prospect and organizational rankings by the BP Prospect Staff

  • PDF copies of both volumes of Best of Baseball Prospectus edited by Ben Lindbergh

  • Access to The Bat Signal, our popular fantasy answering service. When you need advice on a trade offer, free agent pickup, keeper decision, or anything else related to fantasy baseball and you can't wait until the next fantasy chat -- Send out the Bat Signal (complete our online form). You'll get an answer to your question from a member of our fantasy staff quickly, generally within 12 hours.

The Customer Service FAQ has answers to other common questions about Super Premium subscriptions.

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Baseball Prospectus Premium

The Best Baseball Analysis Anywhere
Still only $4.95 per month* or $45.95 per year

Each weekday, Baseball Prospectus Premium brings you the best baseball content on the Web from its stable of talented writers. Whether you're interested in news, commentary, analysis or humor, the Baseball Prospectus staff brings you the best around on a daily basis—and with over 1000 articles posted to baseballprospectus.com per year, you'll be paying less than five cents an article. Get instant access to:

  • Entertaining and informative columns, including several articles a week from Aaron Gleeman, Matthew Trueblood, and Meg Rowley on what's hot in baseball, and much more.

  • The strongest and deepest fantasy baseball coverage around, led by a pair of LABR and Tout Wars champions, fantasy manager Bret Sayre and lead fantasy writer Mike Gianella. You'll get regular coverage of major leaguers from the All-Stars to the weapons off the bench, and the tips on young players and prospects you need to rule your dynasty league.

  • The most comprehensive prospect coverage on the internet, including The Baseball Prospectus Top 10 Prospects series, led by Jeffrey Paternostro, which runs throughout the offseason and sets the industry standard.

  • Transaction Analysis, led by Bryan Grosnick, covering the biggest, most important, and most interesting moves on major-league rosters whenever they happen

  • Insight from the world's best analysts. Throughout the year, BP brings you original research by sabermetric heavyweights like Harry Pavlidis and Russell A. Carleton.

  • A bushel of exclusive statistics and projections, featuring cutting-edge PECOTA projections to guide your expectations for 2017.

* Monthly recurring subs do not have access to the Player Forecast Manager or the PECOTA spreadsheet, but have full access to everything else.

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Baseball Prospectus Basic

Free is good. And you can win game tickets or other cool stuff.

You'll receive:

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